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A Finy Ventures marcou presença no Retreat Startup Madeira, onde tivemos a oportunidade de dar a conhecer a plataforma Finy Club e a forma como apoiamos empreendedores na procura ativa de investidores para os seus projetos.

“Over 29 entrepreneurs decided to live and work in Madeira Islands for 2 months!

Getting to know more details about how is the Portuguese Entrepreneur Business System and hear practical examples, is fundamental for a better perception of what surrounds them daily.

For a better understanding of it, during this 2nd week, we welcomed 6 people to share new knowledge and experience with us, from different segments.

Besides all of the mentors/ speakers that will be joining over these 2 months, there is also space to the Local Entrepreneurs. On Tuesday we started to get to know them. Firstly we ‘ve met Linda Kajli Bettencourt that explained why she moved from Hungary to Madeira and how she implemented her Nordic Walking Madeira Business. Our second guest was Mónica Viveiros, CEO of MadSea,  that showed us great videos of bodyboarding experiences, right here in Madeira Island.

On Wednesday, we welcomed one of Madeira Startup Retreat’s partner, Portugal Ventures.

Miguel Barbosa, Director of the Tourism Business Unit, introduced Portugal Ventures: Team, Investment Strategy, Process of Project Submission and Investment.

Finally, on Thursday, February 14th, our startups welcomed Nuno Coelho from MadintaxAndrew Patricio from Biz Launch, and Élia Vieira from Finy Ventures, making it a morning full of wonderful and diversified content.

Nuno Coelho brought our international startups all the information about Tax Benefits in Madeira, giving them the know-how to settle headquarters in Madeira.

Andrew Patricio kept the momentum going with an honest and inspirational talk about business development in Canada’s Market and shared his experience as an entrepreneur, business advisor, and as founder and owner of Bizlaunch.

Élia Vieira followed up with a presentation on Finy Ventures, a Business Angels Network that builds the bridge between Startups and Investors.”

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