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The Finy platform provides an innovative, intuitive and effective solution for startup companies to raise capital for the growth of their projects. Finy accelerates the processes and presents projects to investors with interests and know-how in previously identified sectors of activity.

Raise Funds

Finy exists to help entrepreneurs raise money and reach the ideal investor to their projects. We have developed an intuitive and simple process to put your project on our platform and we have a dedicated support team to help you clarify any question you might have.


Get in touch and access all campaigns in Finy where you will be able to ask entrepreneurs questions, request further information and invest. It’s simple and free! If you decide to invest, just choose the amount and securely pay by debit card or bank transfer.  

The right investments for your profile

At Finy we want to optimize your time and present you the most ambitious projects by industry sector. We know that each investor has a unique profile and that is why we have developed a way to follow all projects or only those with which you identify.

The process of raising investors is not always easy for the entrepreneur who is very focused on his project. At Finy we want to support the entrepreneur to stay focused on his business and the investor to find the right deal for him.

Structured pitch tool

Create and promote your project in minutes. We have structured the platform to meet immediate key indicators for an investor.

Investor Network

One of our lines of action is to seek and work continuously with multiple investors with multiple investment profiles, both online and offline.

Experienced team

We automated the platform, but not people. Our team has many years of experience in the industry and is 100% available for each project.

Payments system

We have integrated one of the leading players in payment management and security. Count with speed, flexibility and security.

Startups Projects

Colina Generosa - Organic Agriculture
WunderHexicon - Renewable Energy
Multiple Energy - Energy Consultant
PupilUp - Education
New Organic Planet - Agriculture
KEME - Green Energy
Delab - Energy Management
WunderOcean - Renewable Energy

Management Team

Pedro Poiares Maduro

Diretor Finy Spaces

Luís Barroca Monteiro

Diretor-Geral Finy Club

Founding Members

Finy Ventures - Tiago Vaz Serra

Tiago Vaz Serra

Business-angel, training in business management, MBA
Investment specialist
Investor in startups for over 20 years

Stanislaw B.

IT Team Manager
Support Applications Management at Bank Millennium

Finy Ventures - Luis Pereira de Almeida

Luis Pereira de Almeida

Business-angel, investor in startups, training in business management
Startup acceleration specialists
Statup investor for over 20 years

Jorge Dot Saldaña

Business-angel, training in industrial engineering
Startup internationalization specialists
Statup investor for over 20 years

Miriam Mesas Regidor

Business-angel, training in telecommunications engineering
Management specialist, Health and Education sectors

Rodolfo Garcia Nunes

Business-angel, training in business management
Management specialist, Technology and Telecommunications sectors
Investor in startups for over 20 years


Together we can go further. That is why we are celebrating and looking for new partnerships. Join us!